“They Live For Personal Enrichment And The Next Election,” Magaisa On ZANU PF Misrule

Alex Magaisa, the former advisor to the late ex-Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai has claimed that ZANU PF is not concerned about transforming the lives of the general populace.

He said that if President Emmerson Mnangagwa was concerned about the welfare of the citizens, he would have resigned and would not be putting himself forward for re-election in 2023 considering the “misery in the country and the clear absence of ability on the part of the regime”. He added:

They will even have the audacity to carry on as if to spite the people. ZANU PF’s record over the past 40 years shows that its main preoccupation is power retention and using it for private wealth accumulation among its elites. They live for personal enrichment and the next election. From time to time, they drop a few crumbs for the impoverished supporters, who in turn must be grateful. These crumbs buy loyalty and votes among the gullible. That’s why they even boast of winning elections at any cost without a care about governance after the so-called “resounding victory”.

Magaisa added that it is now apparent after ZANU PF’s 40 years of misrule that leaders have no sense of responsibility as they continuously find someone to blame, a scapegoat.

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