OPINION: 8 Things The Government Must Do To Beat The Economic Meltdown – Biti

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti has listed the following steps which he said if the government implements, will solve the economic meltdown Zimbabwe is experiencing right now.

Using Twitter Biti penned:

The power situation can be resolved immediately by any decent caring & competent gvt . As a matter of urgency the regime should scrap the fuel subsidy to #Sakunda & #Trafigura & use that to guarantee importation of at least 400 MW of energy

Secondly @ZetdcOfficialmust levy & collect charges in US$ to guarantee permanent imports .If this is done it’s only fair & logical that energy consumers must also levy their labor ,services & goods in US$.

Thirdly there must a be a scientific &systematic push to green energy

Fourth there must be resolution of the country sovereign debt crises to enable access to cheap funds held particularly at the World Bank & African Development Bank . Development Finance key & necessary to fund major infrastructure energy projects.
Fifth genuine & bona fide Independent Power Producers must be licensed , including players in alternative energy particularly solar , methane gas ,& bio energy . With this in place at least fresh 2000 MW should be generated from Hwange 7&8, Batoka, Sinamatela & green sources
Sixth is management of the transmission network . The transmission lines are old & archaic & lot of energy is lost decayed infrastructure including inefficient transformers & lines . At least US$500 will be required to sort the transmission mess

Seven is demand side management .They are some who think power is for free & that is why list of #ZESA defaulters can’t be published because it is the who is who of #ZANU .Pre-paid platforms, solar geysers , gas stoves , smart & energy saving appliances must be compulsory

Lastly the Development& Urbanization of Rural Areas (DURA) is key.Rural electrification is a necessary but not sufficient precondition to breaking dual enclave economy. Solar & bio energy provide a quick answer .A sustained program can increase GDP by factor of 2% in any year

Source: Twitter


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