ZESA To Rebundle Its Units, Some Executives To Lose Their Jobs

ZESA is set to rebundle its units again in a bid to cut costs, Business Times reports. ZESA 14 years ago branched its units into 4, (ZETDC), ZPC, Powertel Communications and Zesa Enterprises each with its own executives and board of directors.

However, due to the government’s new thrust to have a leaner structure, ZESA is now amalgamating those 4 units into one again which will result in executives from some of those units losing their jobs.

According to Business Times:

The current restructuring at Zesa, however, will entail nonrenewal of contracts for some top executives whose roles will be deemed redundant. Information gathered shows that former acting chief executive Patrick Chivaura’s contract will not be renewed under the current move.

ZESA is battling power generation issues since May 2019.

More: Business Times

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2 comments on “ZESA To Rebundle Its Units, Some Executives To Lose Their Jobs

  1. Morons. Why unbundle in the first place? What did that achieve besides a bloated workforce and increased corruption?

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