“Mthuli Ncube Has A Roguish Way Of Telling Us His Economic Management Style Has Been Utterly Disastrous,” News Day

A local publication, the News Day has dismissed allegations by Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube that Zimbabwe’s finance policies were failing due to lack of luck.

The publication, however, claims that luck does not exist in the field of finance and it attributes the country’s socio-economic crisis to lack of ideas by the admis=nistration led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa on how to manage the economy. News Day said:

Fundamentally, one’s economic management can be classified as — on one side of the scale – brilliant, very good, good or just fine, while on the other side of the scale it can be deemed as being bad or atrocious. So, in other words, what Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube dismally tried to tell us last week that “we have been unlucky” to see our economic policies failing at every turn, is just a roguish way of telling us that his economic management style has been utterly disastrous.

For the past 24 months, the economy has been on a downward spiral despite the “new dispensation” introducing a raft of measures meant to jump-start the economy.

There were high hopes that the economy will improve when Mnangagwa took over from his predecessor, Robert Mugabe, but results have so far proved otherwise.

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3 comments on ““Mthuli Ncube Has A Roguish Way Of Telling Us His Economic Management Style Has Been Utterly Disastrous,” News Day

  1. As I have been saying for nearly 3 months now – Mthuli is fucking brainless, so therefore he is fucking clueless and he actually is a fraudster. He should be fired immeadiatly, together with his deputy – that stupid ex Barclays bank ZanuPf apologist Guvumatunu . Before we know it, Mthuli will have done the bunk to join his wife in luxurious Switzerland where he has stashed millions of US Dollars. To blame a cyclone for the collapse of your own country financially, you have to be really and utterly fucking stupid. You Mthuli and your merry thieving friends of ZanuPF are 100% (actually 1000000%) responsible for the state that we find ourselves in. Just go to hell, and give your job to Tendai Biti.

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