FULL THREAD: White Farmers Forcibly Evicted In Chinhoyi

Hopewell Chin’ono, a Zimbabwean journalist and documentary filmmaker has reported that two white farmers Gary and Joe Hensman of Gypslander were on Wednesday evicted from their farm which is located in Chinhoyi. Read the full thread below.

Today (Wednesday) farmers Gary & Jo Hensman of Gypslander Farm in Chinhoyi were forcibly kicked out of their farm after they lost a battle to keep their property. NO investment is coming into Zimbabwe not bcoz of sanctions, but bcoz of contested Property Rights. Hensman argues it’s his land

The man at the center of the eviction, @mosesmpofu1 has an offer letter issued in October of 2017 by the Government of Zimbabwe. He said he is one of many who have been waiting for land to farm & argues that he has gotten the land within the prescriptions of the Land Reform law.

Below is the 2017 offer letter which was issued to Moses Mpofu who evicted the farmers.

More: Hopewell Chin’ono

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11 comments on “FULL THREAD: White Farmers Forcibly Evicted In Chinhoyi

  1. Come on ed show your true colours where are the new leaves you said you have turned over it looks like good old racist zanu back to it old mugabe ways

  2. On Ayrshire farm banket we had a school church, butchery ,mother ran a clinic for everyone helped at banket and chinhoyi hospital and still zanu pf forced us off so writing is on the wall for all whites well done zanu pf long live sanctions on your party

  3. It is with sadness that nearly 20 years after the first farm invasions this continues. ZANU PF who have been in power for 40 years have nothing to show other than breeding hatred and playing the race card. Until they take responsibility for their decisions Zimbabwe will keep failing.
    Sanctions must be kept in place until such time as the government rules for the people rather than enriching those in power.
    40 years after Independence one would expect there to have been more progress. Blaming it on whites now runs very thin. It is time ZANU PF took responsibility for their own deeds.

  4. Zimbabwe government does not guarantee property rights neither does it protect lives which they should be obligated to do.

    But because Zanu government practices lawlessness with impunity government kills and forcibly infringe on property rights…

    Which foreign investors in their right senses would want to operate in such a high risk business environment???

  5. What do you expect from the president all that has changed is the saddles it is still the same donkey and the west look on like a bulldog all bark and no bite

  6. So the govt. of the day, erm sorry, of 4 decades, confiscate almost 300 acres with no compensation and lease it to Mr Mpofu. I was under the impression that the stolen farms were being given, gratis, to the landless, that is of course after all the politicians & their relatives (no nepotism in ZANU Pf), military leaders and senior civil servants have looted the farms they wanted.
    So it is actually the government that is stealing for the government, not for the under-priviliged povo? Unless it is lease to buy the government is playing a clever game. We know they are despicably underhand, shameless gangsters!

  7. No wonder that Zim will never get any FDI, will always have sanctions maintained and that Zim will be still importing food for their people for the next hundred years.

  8. Yet the faithful and hopeful white saviours will solder on to no avail.Get out of there and let them go back to tribaslism and killing and raping.

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