FULL THREAD: “Criticising Maladministration Is Equal To Selling Out In Zimbabwe”

Alex Tawanda Magaisa, the former advisor to the late former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai has said that ZANU PF sympathisers view criticism of bad governance as tantamount to being unpatriotic. He went on to list a number of cases which prove that maladministration was affecting growth in the country. Read the full thread below.

Pito Investments was paid US$4.9 million by a ZETDC to supply transformers. Pito never delivered. The money has not been recovered & no one has been held accountable. For criticising this, ZANU PF apologists say you don’t love your country; that you wish the country to fail.

2013 CMED paid US$2.7 million to First Oil Company for fuel supplies. First Oil did not deliver. The money was not recovered & no one has been held accountable.

In 2016, the Zimbabwe Power Company, another ZESA unit paid ZAR196 064 to York Investments for the supply of gas. The gas was not delivered.
In 2017, a Minister caused US$1 million to be paid to his relative, for the use of her property as offices of a new airline. None of the money has been recovered.

2016, the GMB paid $1 million in advance for maize. The Auditor-General could not identify the recipients. The maize was never delivered. The money wasn’t recovered.

In 2016, the government corruptly handed Sakunda Holdings a major contract to build the Dema Power Plant ahead of APR Energy, the US company which had won the tender.

The AG & the Public Accounts Committee found that millions were looted under Command Agriculture. The IMF has raised concerns regarding dubious payments to Sakunda.

In 2017, Solutions Motors was paid $1.5 million to supply goods to government. It delivered just a fraction of the goods. Outstanding amount has not been recovered.

Govt is spending US$16 million on luxury vehicles for Ministers but it is has fired doctors who are asking for decent wages & better working conditions in hospitals.

This is a snippet of the plunder of the state But it’s enough to show why there is so much criticism of the government. People criticise the government not because they hate their country but because they love it. It is irresponsible to keep quiet in the face of such looting.

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3 comments on “FULL THREAD: “Criticising Maladministration Is Equal To Selling Out In Zimbabwe”

  1. Looting or Corruption is an ideology of Zanu PF which has to be adhered to, come hell or whatever it has to be implemented right to the word.

  2. Its zanu pf that sold out the people of zimbabwe as it has not fulfilled its legal and responsible remit along the lines of the constitution and being allied to similar regiems such as north korea has helped it continually prostitute the laws to their own financial benifit

  3. It is our God given right to disagree with what is wrong. ZanuPf sold out long ago that’s why we are in this position today.

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