SB Moyo’s Threat To Expell Brian Nichols Puts Re-Engagement Efforts In Jeopardy – Analysts

A stern threat issued by the foreign minister to US Ambassador to Zimbabwe might just jeopardise re-engagement efforts analysts have said.

According to the Standard, here is what analysts said concerning Moyo’s warning to Nichols:

Things are falling apart, but with very serious implications, It is not difficult to conclude who’s going to be worse off. This reflects the growing consensus, internally and externally, that this government has not only failed, but is also in real trouble – Ibbo Mandaza

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You mount a spirited effort to maliciously frame a foreign country as the source of your problems and you unashamedly expect them to be quiet and take in your nauseating daily dosages of propaganda. The march escalated the feud and did more harm than good. The statement by Moyo is regrettable and highly undiplomatic, one we do not expect to come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Gladys Hlatshwayo 

We are in unchartered territory under Mnangagwa’s rule. Not even at the height of hostilities under former president Robert Mugabe did we reach these threat levels. Alex Magaisa

However, one analyst Sharon Hofisi said Moyo knew what he was doing and he didn’t erode the chances or re-engagement completely:

He left the possibility for Zimbabwe’s engagement or continued engagement with the US open by suggesting that the US ambassador must not create the impression that he’s partisan in his analysis of the sanctions march, which the government considered to be crucial.

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