Are Sanctions Imposed On Zimbabwe Illegal? – Veritas Zimbabwe

Veritas Zimbabwe’s Daniel Chigundu has written an article where he questions the legality of the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

Chigundu in concluding his article reiterates that sanctions imposed by the US and EU on Zimbabwe are not illegal since all countries retain the right to limit their dealings with other countries:

Sanctions have been framed as an international trade embargo against Zimbabwe and, because they do not have the imprimatur of the United Nations Security Council, they have been called illegal.  However, the measures imposed by the US, EU and other western countries are neither a trade embargo against Zimbabwe nor do they purport to bind all countries of the United Nations.  The fact that they were not imposed by the United Nations Security Council does not make them “illegal”.  All countries have a sovereign right to limit their dealings with other countries.

This comes at a time where the government has intensified its calls for the removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe as they say they affect progress. The Govt declared 25 October 2019an anti-sanctions day and held a gala, a football match and a march to compell the west to remove targetted sanctions against Zimbabwe. 

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2 comments on “Are Sanctions Imposed On Zimbabwe Illegal? – Veritas Zimbabwe

  1. Zanu PF government blames the US and EU for sanctions and mourning their removal, why not talk about the facts that led to the sanctions? Put your house in order, justice before removal!! or go to China and Russia

  2. Are Zimbabwean zanus pretend gvmts abusive treatment of its own people and its attitude to the world legal is more to the point I sadly doubt it

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