Popular Twimbo Matigary Mocks The EU And The US Embassies

Popular Twimbo known as Matigary mocked the EU and The US Embassies after they tweeted a series of tweets yesterday under the hashtag #ItsNotSanctions detailing how their respective governments have not imposed sanctions on the Zimbabwean economy as implied by some.

Matifary mocked the 2 embassies and said they were political parties in Zimbabwe and not embassies, here is what Matigary tweeted.

There are 4 major political parties in Zimbabwe.

1. Zanu PF led by @edmnangagwa

2. US Embassy led by #BrianNichols

3. MDCAMERICA left by @nelsonchamisa

4. EU Mission in Zimbabwe led by @TimoOlkkonen

Let’s see how they far in 2023.

Matigary’s tweet comes a few months after the Herald in an opinion piece once distastefully insulted the US ambassador Brian Nichols.
Source: Twitter 


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4 comments on “Popular Twimbo Matigary Mocks The EU And The US Embassies

  1. As Illegal as they may be but what did we do that invited such actions. Besides, the world is not only made up of America and the EU by the way. Whatever happened to the “Look East” policy? Why can’t those in the East help set up industries in Zimbabwe if they managed to help us wage a war of liberation? There is a reason why! What caused the Rhodesian dollar to slide soon after independence when it was doing well under sanctions and the war of liberation? It certainly points a finger at ourselves. Why did (does) Zanu Pf force people to support them and disrespect those that do not? Why did they want a one-party state at some point? We can not all support one party, it’s just not possible when you say you are a democracy. Why can’t they reform the electoral process? Why did they resort to genocide in the wake of a few dissidents from 1982 up to 1987? They always use excessive force in all dissent. There was or is rampant corruption, regionalism, tribalism to name but a few. Leaders care more about themselves, being respected and protected at any cost. They can afford to get treatment in faraway countries at the expense of the taxpayer. In a true democracy, a leader should step down when things are not going well as a direct result of their leadership or policies. If they won’t go on their own then the system must allow the people to take to the streets to force that to happen without being persecuted. What was the reason for removing Mugabe after all? A change should come with positives not negatives. What we can not afford now is another civil war, it will be a complete disaster. Who knows what people out there are up to as evidenced by one Tinashe Jonasi’s recent video.

  2. No matter what people may say EU and USA and Chamisa hv been politicking in a sovereign state, they do not do this in other states and Zimbabwean government does not do this anywhere in the world.

  3. Chamisa is a citizen of Zimbabwe and has just as much rights to lead a political party as much as Mnangagwa. Zimbabwe has not grown economically since independence even before the sanctions were imposed. We have all the resources at our disposal but nothing to show for it. The likes of Chinotimba would go around masquerading as a trade unionist forcing industrialists to pay out or force them to make unethical decisions. The results were imminent and now some of those industries are ghost towns. Zimbabwe is not the only country in Africa. What is wrong with power changing hands between Zanu Pf and other parties? Its a pity people are getting pushed to elastic limits. What is the purpose of holding elections which get disputed every time? We might as well do away with them because they are a waste of time and money.

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