Magaisa’s Rebuttal Of Stergomena Lawrence Tax’s Sanctions Claims {Full Thread}

Academic and political analyst, Alex Magaisa, has written a rebuttal of a statement issued by Executive Secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Stergomena Lawrence Tax on Zimbabwe’s Anti-Sanctions March on October 25, 2019. Writing on microblogging site Twitter on Friday, Magaisa said:

Agriculture: Government gave some of the $3 billion Command Agriculture funds to Sakunda Holdings instead of using AgriBank. Why? • Mining: Billions worth of diamonds were looted by political and military elites and their foreign allies.

Industry: A US company APR Energy won a tender for a power generation project in a competitive process. It was corruptly taken away by the government and awarded to Sakunda Holdings • Scores of parastatals were run down through corruption, political meddling and incompetence.

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Aviation: South Africa, a SADC country, (not the West) has just impounded our airline’s only functional plane. • Airlines operate businesses, not charities. They make business decisions. You can’t blame or force foreign airlines to do your bidding.

• Why talk of foreign airlines when Zimbabwe has a viable airline which it inherited at independence but destroyed all on its own? • Did the African airlines which used to fly to Zimbabwe also stop because of sanctions?

Migration: • The increased burden on social services in SADC Countries due to migration is a result of mollycoddling a repressive neighbour • You talk of lack of infrastructure financing as if it’s a Western obligation. What have you, SADC done to help a neighbour?

Under-performance: • Zim has failed to meet regional targets because of bad governance and repression, which SADC has encouraged by its inaction You can’t have your cake and eat it. You can’t ignore the political calamity at your neighbour’s and expect progress at the same time.

Agriculture: • Under-performance in agriculture is primarily due to inefficient land use & lack of investment. Zimbabwe took the land but its common cause that it’s being underused. A SADC country is reportedly selling us relief maize at more than double the world price.

Nuisance: • By intervening and giving false comfort to the regime, SADC has made itself a part of the problem in Zimbabwe. You are mute when there the State violates citizens rights. You’re making yourselves not only irrelevant but a complete and utter nuisance.



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2 comments on “Magaisa’s Rebuttal Of Stergomena Lawrence Tax’s Sanctions Claims {Full Thread}

  1. Just because you are anti zanu doesn’t mean lie to us If the economy is ok uri kuitei ku Uk. You are just as bad as those who penned the sanctions. Sanctions are real we are suffering because of the impact of ofac. Standard bank, barclays and cbz have been penalised by your idol america. What do you know.
    Tell us zidera says zimbabwe must uphold a sadc tribunal judgment in favour of white farmers. Is that drmocracy to you. Should zimbabweans remain landless so that you can retain a whitd collar job? We must come out of drc. Is that democracy to you

    1. Stborness is a sign snd charecteristic of a rudimentary mind, one the size of s ‘lizard’. The writer is spot on in every sense, the problem with zanu is you know the colour of blood is red but you refuse to admit it is!! Foolhardy. Sadc is and has always been an enermy of the citezens of zimbabwe. It essentially is a dispot supporting cartel made up and led by insecure cronies who will stop at nothing to keep power withing their little worthless family. They can keep the power, we will keep the faith! If your brain grows to that of ‘crocodile’ maybe you msy understand what i am trying to say

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