ZANU PF Youths Beat Thief To Death

Three ZANU PF youths this Friday appeared before Bindura Magistrates Courts for beating a suspected thief to death.

The State alleged through Prosecutor Vincent Marunya that the trio teamed up with an accomplice who is still at large and assaulted the alleged thief, now deceased Nicholas Muringanidze.

Muringanidze had been arrested for stealing an electric motor but was later released, a development which irritated the accused.

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The accused went to Muringanidze’s homestead on 8 May 2008 and took him to a disused house which they used as their headquarters and allegedly took turns to assault him until he admitted to the offence, leading to the recovery of the missing electric motor.

They then took him back to the police station, but Maringanidze eventually died on October 7 of that year from injuries he had sustained.

The trio, Zivanai Nyazvigodi (38), Alexio Kurai Gondo (26) and Naison Tandaude(31), all from Simoona Farm, pleaded not guilty to the charge before magistrate Moreblessing Makati, who remanded them out of custody to Tuesday for trial.

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2 comments on “ZANU PF Youths Beat Thief To Death

  1. Rogue green bombers and bhodha gezis who were taught by Zanu that they are above the law

    Manje times are changing

    Your many crimes are known and well documented

    One day justice will prevail

  2. Has any Zanu person or leader been held accountable for the violence, abuse perpetrated by the infamous Chipangano?

    A commission of enquiry should be put in place to investigate the brutality that was perpetrated by this rogue Zanu outfit

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