FULL TEXT: Emotional Story Revealing Why Mudiwa Really Changed His Name

Mudiwa Hood, a local gospel artist who was previously known as Mudiwa Ian Mtandwa has issued a statement revealing why he changed his name to Mudiwa Mtandwa. We present the full statement below.

Yes, Mudiwa Hood is now OFFICIALLY my Government legal name and was never just a Stage name ( do not insult me like that). As an intellectual i cannot jus wake up and call my self Mudiwa Hood because it feels good , NO that is who i am. And i have the Blessing of my dad, who said, Well done for being bold son, you did this whilst i am alive… My own dad is happy i am now called by my real Surname, who else should go against who I am.

It is indeed a sad story to later find out the surname “Mtandwa” I have been using on all my legal documents all my life was just my grandpa’s name, and I am no relative at all who use Mtandwa except my siblings… How it came to be so too… is very sadMr Hood who resided in Chivhu, married a black woman (my great-grandma), got her pregnant and because of racism and family pressure, he chased away the black woman who is, in this case, my great-grandma. My great-grandma, who was pregnant then, went on to give birth to a mixed-race baby and named him “Mtandwa”( we were chased away, meaning Mudzingwa). Instead of giving him surname Hood, as a bitter woman, she adopted a surname from where she got re-married.

So my granddad used his step father’s surname and his name was Mtandwa ……,(Couldn’t mention the surname for privacy sake).
When my dad was born, he automatically inherited a surname that wasn’t his.
However As a bold man, when he got married and had kids, he gave us his dad’s name “Mtandwa” as a surname. So literally I have no relative called Mtandwa except my siblings and my uncles’ kids who my dad demanded they also use grand pa’s name as surname too.
So I was Born Mudiwa Ian Mtandwa. Now that i am a dad too, my dad said “do your son a favor son… like I did for you…Who is He? You now grown up and know your true history and who you are.”
As a proud dad, I want my children to be who they really are!! I am grateful that my dad is proud and happy for me, this was the most important thing… Hood was never a stage name but my real Surname from the beginning!!! Mudiwa Hood Snr.
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