“60 Per Cent Of Zero Is Zero”, Doctors Respond To ED Threats

Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) acting president Dr Peter Magombeyi has dismissed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s assertion that the government offered doctors a 30 per cent, followed by a 60 per cent salary hike with doctors rejecting both offers.

Writing on microblogging site Twitter, Dr Magombeyi said that no amount of coercion and intimidation will end the doctors’ ongoing strike. He wrote:

30% or 60% of 0 is zero @edmnangagwa. Doctors are subsisting on a salary less than $80(USA)/month.

Our doctors will remain disabled and no amount of coercion and intimidation will resolve the situation. To our patients: moyo yedu inokushuvai. Hope to review you soon!

On Thursday Mnangagwa accused some doctors of working with external forces to destabilise the country’s health sector.

He added that the striking doctors that they might justify their actions but we will see what will happen in the end.

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4 comments on ““60 Per Cent Of Zero Is Zero”, Doctors Respond To ED Threats

  1. Externsl forces are the problems for everything in this country. They are the reason why a starving doctor is complaining. They are the reason why trees are fast disappearing around cities, they are the reason why eskom wont give us more power, or why African development bank wont bail us out. Ofcause they are the reason why our bedroom lives dont work anymore..damn i hate external forces

  2. It’s amazing it seems doctors salaries don’t matter but zanu Malitia or should i say pretend national army seem very happy I wonder if they are being paid in US dollars
    The country is at war with no one so why does Ed and co need such a force
    The people should demand an immediate mass reduction in military personnel and spending ,you will be amazed at how many billions this would free up

  3. ED, “we will see what will happen in the end.” In the end, lLife for you and your cronies will conitue as normal – luxury jets, exhorbitant allowances, living in the lap of luxury unconcerned about the plight of your citizens.

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