“Dress Codes Could Reduce S_xual Harassment At Universities”, ZGC Official

A Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) official has urged tertiary institutions to introduce a dress code for female students to reduce cases of s_xual harassment.

ZGC legal and investigations manager Delis Mazambane made the appeal during a s_xual harassment public lecture held at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) on Tuesday. She said:

To make life easier for the lecturer the university needs to have a dress code policy, of course, the constitution talks about freedom of expression but institutions are allowed to cascade such provisions to their own needs.

During the weekend, the students can then wear whatever they want but when attending lectures, they need to be guided on how to dress and this makes it easier for lecturers to pinpoint that according to the university’s policy you are not dressed appropriately.

Mazambane argued that universities and colleges should follow judicial courts which have dress codes and do not allow members of the public to enter the premises if dressed contrary to the code.

A report claims that over 70 per cent of university students are reportedly being s_xually harassed by lecturers in tertiary institutions, because of poverty or to get better grades.

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One Comment on ““Dress Codes Could Reduce S_xual Harassment At Universities”, ZGC Official

  1. What has the commission done with regards to VP Mohadhi’s abuse of Tambudzeni?

    So he’s untouchable?

    We have never heard you say anything about that?

    Honestly in this age you want to impose your will on the freedomd of the people choice! Who are you to dictate what students should and should not wear? I’m flabbergasted, am shell-shocked! ! This is frightening.

    A commission trembling on the freedoms of students but when it comes to the real issues that matter the commission becomes a toothless dog.

    What a shame!

    So the commission can stoop this low and throw the blame of sexual abuse onto the victims??

    The victims need more protection
    The victims need to know that they have done nothing wrong dressing as they please but that the perpetrators have no place in society.

    Never expected this from this commission and policy recommendations like these sounds familiar like those Zanu I’ll informed and rather inappropriate recommendations…
    The commission stinks Zanu!!!

    Why not recommend heavy and harsh penalties for perpetrators rather than defacate on people’s rights as enshrined in the constitution!

    Shame on the gender commission

    I see incompetence already

    You can do better than this if you shun your Zanu mentality of dictating and imposition of your personal will

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