The Constitution Is To The State What The Bible Is To The Church – Jonathan Moyo Weighs In On Elections Suspension Call

Exiled former education Minister has weighed in on the election suspension call made by Rev Mtata from ZHOCD. Using his official Twitter handle, the fundi said;

The call is absurd & unconstitutional. Elections cannot be suspended without amending the Bill of Rights, thus necessitating a referendum. The Constitution is to the State what the Bible is to the Church. Feedom of religion is fundamental, as is the separation of Church & State!

The call has been met with some hostility in some circles. Deputy Minister Mutodi even took it a bit further by insulting the Reverend that made the call by saying he is a fool, a false prophet and demon-possessed.

Source: Jonathan Moyo Twitter 


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4 comments on “The Constitution Is To The State What The Bible Is To The Church – Jonathan Moyo Weighs In On Elections Suspension Call

  1. Because elections after every 5 years are not solving anything, though we are constitutionally mandated to have them, it makes sense to ammend the bill of rights as Prof Moyo is saying and then have a Referendum, people vote Yes to elections or No to them. Zanu Pf has managed to stay too long in power using these faulty elections and rig, thereby impsing themselves onto the people. We even want 14 years for a special group of Zimbabweans to sort out the nation on 7 years each term and exit when the nation is out of the “Shit hole”. Those who would have sherpheded the country out of this quagmire will not be allowed to take part in politics again. For 14 years, the two groups will be asked to work on both political and economic reforms and then usher in free and fair elections where both Zanu Pf and MDC are off the cookie jar!

    1. I think you are just self centred. What makes you think that we are not voting ZANU pf in or majority. You do not know my vote because I do it in secret. I could never vote some stupid sell out who only thinks a white man is superior to me. A bunch of people who call themselves educated but seek what they think are high paying jobs from NGO’s of white man. You guys do not care for the marginalized. As a result the marginalised happen to be the majority and Zanupf will always win elections. Sell outs will continue to lose.

  2. I don’t think that’s the way to go. We can not suspend elections because we are giving Zanesfield Fertile ground to consolidate there power and rigging strategies. What we need to do is to force for political and economic reforms. Other wise we find ourselves on one page for all those years

  3. The problem some Zimbabweans have is an obsession to remove ZANU pf from power to the point of sabotaging the economic process of the country arbitrary increase of prices of goods and services done to pressure people to revolt against Zanu pf. Revolting against self thats an unreasonable idea. Zanu pf is a peoples party its not owned by few individualsbut by all its supporters The opposition went further to be funded by Europe and America approaching international yesteryear enemies to impose so called restrictions. The fortunate thing for Zimbabww is that ZANU pf made educational infrastructure available to the majority. The nation has acquired basic education to understand machinations of the enemy and his sellout agents. Even the Church will never fool majority of Zimbabweans but only expose itself. it is now risking exposure as agents of imperialists.. The nation knows who the so called leaders are working for. We need a pure Zimbabwean opposition not a front of our erstwhile enemy. The Church must take Sabbath and form one church as example.

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