Harare Cop Who Opened Up On Corruption In The Police Force Jailed – Report

A Zimbabwe Central Police Station cop has been jailed for 14 days after he opened up about corruption in the police force to the media. The cop was charged with speaking to the media without authority following an internal disciplinary meeting a few days ago.

Constable Maziva has over the last 7 years complained and wrote several later to his bosses about corruption in the police force but his letter received no acknowledgement. He then decided to resign and tendered his resignation with a 3-month notice.

He was however charged and sent to jail before his day of resignation. Speaking about corruption in the force the Herald quoted Constable Maziva who said:

I found it unfair because some of the people that were made to pay bribes were poor. I started refusing to do roadblock duties, and the officer-in-charge confronted me, asking for my reasons for that stance.I told him it was unprofessional to openly engage in corruption. The officer-in-charge took it as a disrespectful response, but that was the truth. 

Every pirate taxi driver in Beitbridge had to pay a mandatory R100 or $10 to be allowed to pass through roadblocks without being issued with a ticket. Some would even pay more, depending on the nature of the offence. At the end of the day, a bribe of $20 would be paid to the officer-in-charge administration

In Mbare, individual officers or teams would collect at least $2 from each mbanje base, shebeen, and traders of other dangerous drugs daily.

Constable Madziva cited too much corruption as his reasons for resigning from the force. The cop’s imprisonment for being a whistleblower is coming at a time when the president has set up a new ZACC Commission to fight corruption in the country.

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  1. Here is a Zimbabwean standing up for his beliefs. Makorkoto. So much for zero tolerance on corruption. Come on President ED, act now and show that ypou are completely opposed to corruuption anfd fast track an investigation into the corruption alleged by Constable Madziva.

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