Mugabe Was Unrepentant, He Died Without Addressing Gukurahundi – ZIPRA

The ZIPRA veterans association spokesperson Buster Magwizi has described Mugabe as an unrepentant person who wanted to wipe away Ndebele people and died without addressing the 1980s Gukurahundi massacres. Said Magwizi:

We hear people are mourning Mugabe’s death, but we ask ourselves, who is mourning thousands of people he wantonly killed.

Mugabe sinned against many people in Africa. Whatever the violence we see being committed by Africans against Africans was caused by Mugabe

Magwizi was referring to the killings of Ndebele people by the army in the early 1980s where human right groups say over 20000 Ndebele people affiliated to the late vice president Joshua Nkomo were killed.

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2 comments on “Mugabe Was Unrepentant, He Died Without Addressing Gukurahundi – ZIPRA

  1. No one with brains will attend the funeral of tomentor and killer of our generation from Matebeleland will attend such a funeral. People of Matebeleland did not forgive the old man.

  2. He didn’t only kill the Ndebeles but anyone who dared to oppose him.Look at how he ordered opposition supporters around the country to be murdered and harrassed.How he ill treated teachers!Did anyone observe how he treated the whites when they were perceived to be supporting Mr Tsvangirai?Let’s pray and move on like what other nations do.Unfortunately ,the likes of Mr Mtuli Ncube are now perpetuating Mr Mugabe’s legacy in an economic way.

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