Mealie-Meal And Bread Shortages Persist

Maize meal and fresh bread shortages have hit Zimbabwe amid skyrocketing prices of basic commodities the Daily News reports. Bakers yesterday confirmed to the publication that they were indeed trying to work and end new bread shortages. The President of the Bakers Association said this to the Daily News:

The shortages are … due to the fact that flour is also in short supply. However, we have been engaging with government and millers. We are hoping that in the next two or three days the situation will be back to normal.

On the other hand, the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe increased the price of maize meal by 38%. The Association has however dismissed stories that there are maize meal shortages in the country:

We can only be able to comment when retailers have said they are having challenges getting the mealie-meal from us . . .  Who knows, maybe they are holding their stock for some reason

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