How Wrong Is ED Adviser & Others In Defending Him?

Nehanda Radio columnist, Tafi Mhaka has said that Petina Gappah, a former adviser to President Mnangagwa and ZANU PF elites exonerating Mnangagwa from socio-economic and political ills bedevilling the country.

Mhaka argues that the president was actually at the centre of all issues as he has over the years been involved in activities that worked towards the current state of affairs.

He mentions Mnangagwa’s contribution to the demise of Simba Makoni whom he referred to as one of the voices of reason that were sent packing from ZANU PF because they were challenging tyranny.

Mhaka implicates Mnangagwa in the shootings of August 1, 2018, saying that he is the one who deployed soldiers who shot and killed civilians.

The political analyst also says that Gappah was wrong in thinking that Zimbabwe was transforming from how it was during former president Robert Mugabe’s tenure into a new society.

He also observed that ZANUU PF’s decision to make Mnangagwa their candidate for 2023 presidential elections was also testimony that they believe he is fine even in this context when everything seems to fall apart.

Mhaka says that he observes no difference in how ZANU PF under Mugabe and under Mnangagwa, in that order, exonerated, and continue to do so, the leader and blamed everyone else.

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  1. True! Someone endowed with all reasoning faculties cannot draw a line between ED and RG for they’re all tyrannical twins!!

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