13-Year-Old Genius Gets 5Bs In June, Prepares For A’ Level

13-year-old genius from Chinhoyi who got 5 Bs in English Language, Geography, History, Commerce and Accounts and a C in Economics in the June ZIMSEC examinations is ready to proceed to Advanced Level.

Buhle Chikaka said she is inspired by her sister Sifiso who sat for her ordinary level examinations and scored 7As and 1B, while she was still in form 3. Sifiso has since completed her A’ level with 10 points in science subjects at the age of 16.

Dr Savious Mutopa who heads Chinhoyi High School has said that Buhle can skip levels and enrol for advanced level studies.

Mrs Blantina Ukaka, Buhle’s mother, who is a teacher at the same school, concurred with Dr Mutopa, saying that her daughter will not find it difficult to mingle with older learners.

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12 comments on “13-Year-Old Genius Gets 5Bs In June, Prepares For A’ Level

  1. They are brilliant i agree. But let these children do things at the right age and time. Why rush them. This young girl has 5 Bs. Those are very mediocre results. Had she written her exams at ther right age she’d have definitely done better because of better preparation and maturity as well. Her sister has 10 points, and in sciences, those again are mediocre results. 10 points will not get her a good program at local universities. This girl will probably get the same type of results if they aren’t careful. Let these bright minds excell at their own level and don’t make them skip stages. There’s no point in celebrating their passes because they are “relatively” good. In reality they are just average results attained a bit earlier.
    Just my 2 cents πŸ˜‰

    1. Everyone on this forum is missing the point about genius. First, did you take your exams at that age and got those results. Secondly, the older she and her sister gets is also how much they will grow and progress. The grades may be mediocre in the eyes of a 16 year old but how much do you think they will have grown when 16 and then 20. Children like these have a lot to offer in the highest regard. The fact that some of the negative comments are quite obviously made out of jealousy and lack of foresight shows these people are far from being classified in the genius bracket and considers themselves more than they actually are – just mere glorified pawns in the work force institution on a slightly higher level but never the less still pawns. I imagine these girls will walk way above their heads in life.

  2. Why do we rush and even rushes together with the little ones?, Africa.
    “Sweetness of orange and it maturity are two different things”. Please let allow time to talk

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