“MDC Has No Capacity To Govern”, – Report

A contributor to The Zimbabwean, David Barber, opines that the opposition MDC party has no capacity to govern the country.

Barber argues that for many years he was pinning his hopes on the MDC that once the party is in power, it will take the country on a positive trajectory.

However, the author says that his eyes were opened to the MDC’s ineptitude by party president Nelson Chamisa’s legal challenge to the legitimacy of last year’s general election and of Emmerson Mnangagwa as President of Zimbabwe. He writes:

Now, let’s be honest, we all knew that the finding of the court in favour of the government would be a foregone conclusion. We are, after all, talking of a corrupt administration where the rule of law matters not at all.

Nevertheless, in purely legal terms, it was abundantly clear that MDC had an absolutely open-and-shut case. So MDC could not have had a more golden opportunity to prove to the whole international community how corrupt the government is.

Instead, to my shocked disbelief, what the world saw was MDC floundering in a case so badly prepared and presented that the judges did not have to be corrupt to reject it.

They simply followed the evidence to arrive at a verdict that, according to the evidence, was actually correct.

Given the vital importance of the case to Zimbabwe’s future and that it was on view to the whole world, to throw away such a golden opportunity was utterly unforgivable.

And if a political opposition party cannot even run what should have been a simple open-and-shut court case, how can it be competent enough to run a country?

Barber claims that since the MDC lost its founding president Morgan Tsvangirai last year, the party can no longer be respected, trusted, let alone believed in.

Turning to the planned marches that were banned by the police, Barber argues that the MDC proved to be in shambles. He wrote:

I find it inconceivable that MDC had not anticipated the government response and planned how to circumvent it. Doesn’t it even know its own government by now?

I find it inconceivable that MDC wasted time in appealing to the court to overturn the police ban in Harare when it knows – or should know – that the rule of law no longer applies and there would be at least an 80% chance that the court would uphold the police’s decision.

… But what I find most inconceivable of all is that the MDC leaders threw in the towel and left those wonderful, brave, courageous Zimbabweans who nevertheless took to the streets in Harare’s city centre (and the tens of thousands more held back on the outskirts) completely leaderless.

That was utterly shameful. No worthwhile leader ever dumps their followers and leaves them to fend for themselves, no matter what the circumstances are.

Such people are not worthy to lead a great nation like Zimbabwe. Actually, they show clearly that they care no more for Zimbabwean citizens than the government does.

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