“Bonuses Must Come, Yes, But Workers Need A Review Of Salaries Now” – Finance Minister Told

Workers have told Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, to prioritise reviewing their salaries instead of bonuses which are expected at a later date.

They said that the effects of the erosion of their salaries are being felt now hence the need to take action now.

Their remarks come after Ncube had pledged that he would, without fail, pay public workers their bonuses in November this year. This is unlike previous years when bonuses were paid the following year.

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Responding to Ncube’s announcement, Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe president, Takavafira Zhou, said:

Mthuli Ncube never ceases to surprise us and is fast revealing that he is a human epidemic. Teachers are currently hungry, angry and incapacitated. The priority is to ensure that teachers are capacitated as of now and that a lasting solution is found to the erosion of the purchasing value of their salaries or starvation wages.

The soaring inflation in the country has eroded the salaries of workers with the majority of them declaring incapacity to continue executing their contractual duties and responsibilities.

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One Comment on ““Bonuses Must Come, Yes, But Workers Need A Review Of Salaries Now” – Finance Minister Told

  1. Ma teachers hewo ma promise ema sweets muna december asi kwanhasi chimbo rarayi nenzara. Izvi ndizvo zvabuda muma shoko egurikota guru renyaya yezve mari rakadzidza nyaya idzi kuzvikoro zvikuru mhiriyo

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