FULL TEXT: Rural Teachers Tell Mthuli To Stop Hide & Seek And Face Reality

On Thursday the 1st of August the finance minister of Zimbabwe Prof Mthuli Ncube issued a dreadful midterm budget during the procession of the parliament session.

It is disheartening to note that the budget review was comprised of catastrophic measures which fuel escalation of the levels of economic hardships being experienced by the ordinary citizen.

Unfortunately, the national purse is under the custody of heartless people who are always busy protecting their interests rather than improving the livelihoods of the Zimbabwean citizens.

Mthuli packed the review with policies that will fuel the prevailing economic turmoil, implementation of the budgets policy pack will trigger a cascade of price hikes of goods and services particularly in the energy and transport sector.

Any alterations in the charges associated with energy and transport have ripple effects on the majority of production lines which means increasing ZESA tariffs, tollgate fees, monetary transaction and income taxes result in an uncontrollable skyrocketing of prices.

The application of these policies will fan a high cost of living whilst the rate of income remains stagnant particularly for those in the civil service.

It is so saddening that the environment has become more corrosive to the salary of civil servants which is already suffering signs and symptoms of kwashiorkor considering its growth rate and value in such a terrific economy.

Imagine how much it will cost a teacher stationed at Dombodzvipa a remote school in Mutoko, to access goods and services. It is a pity that one such teacher will only enjoy a value of about USD10/ZWL$120 and this a clear indication that levels of incapacitation have taken another dimension.

We are doomed as rural teachers the situation is tantamount to living in hell on earth, Mthuli, stop this hide and seek game and face reality our crisis needs immediate attention before it gets out of hand please consider our families and the future of Zimbabwe at large.

Bear in mind that the education system of any country is in the hands of teachers and the system can easily be brought down to its knees by folding hands while teachers languish in poverty.



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One Comment on “FULL TEXT: Rural Teachers Tell Mthuli To Stop Hide & Seek And Face Reality

  1. I don’t understand why this Government does not learn from 2007/2008 mess. Stop repeating old bad habits stop forcing things you know don’t work. Most of the business are Zanu owned you are the beginning and end. I think you have no genuine agenda. What a pity for the Zimbabweans.

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