PICTURE: Illegal Bread Dealers Splash Loaves By The Roadside

The shortage of bread in the country has resulted in people spending hours queue to buy just a loaf of bread. However, a few meters away from the queue (in Marondera) others buy dozens of loaves for resale.

The display of the bread also leaves a lot to be desired.



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3 comments on “PICTURE: Illegal Bread Dealers Splash Loaves By The Roadside

  1. The government should send police officers to arrest anyone selling bread outside shops including the shops which give vendors bread to sell.

  2. Is it the shops or the bakeries themselves, i wonder! Can the police just arrest and charge either of them. Its pathetic.

  3. Why arresting them. People are trying to earn a living. Its your choice to buy it or not if you think its a health hazard. After all what is the difference with the so called tuckshops were everyone is buying bread from.

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