Macheso Dishes Out Stands To Band Members

Sungura musician, Alick Macheso, has given residential stands to members of his band, Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

Macheso revealed this to his fans during a show at Club Lagoon in Masvingo this past weekend. He said:

I handed car keys to Jonas Kasamba, our chanter but he refused and said he wanted a house.

I then bought him a residential stand and he has started constructing his house.

Macheso declared that he has decided to buy residential stands for the 32 Orchestra Mberikwazvo band members. He said:

Artistes and their families should live comfortable hence the decision to provide residential stands to my band members.

Macheso also spoke about his recent tour of Leicester City, United Kingdom. He said:

Orchestra Mberikwazvo is a force to reckon with and that was witnessed last week (two weeks ago) in the UK. We gave a scintillating display that saw a full house attending our show.

We had both black and white people and we didn’t disappoint as we left the stage while fans were still clamouring for more.

… We have many shows that we should fulfil before the end of this year. We’ll be going back to the UK and proceed to Canada and Australia among other European countries.

The demand for the band to perform internationally is very high.

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