Parliament Angered By $3 Billion Swallowed By Command Agriculture Between 2017 And 2018

The Daily News reports that the Ministry of Lands And Agriculture allocated $3 Billion to the controversial command agriculture in less than a year and the money vanished through the system which has, in turn, angered parly. This came out after the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee was questioning the ministry over the findings of Auditor Chiri’s report.

Zimbabwe will this year import close to 800 000 tonnes of maize because of the erratic rains received during the 2018/2019 rain reason despite $3 Billion being disbursed by the ministry to boost food security in the previous seasons. It is said that some funds allocated to command agriculture were looted by some politically connected service providers.

The committee asked two officials from the Lands and Agriculture ministry why they failed to provide supporting documents for the $3 Billion for the program. The duo instead pointed the finger at the treasury department which was said to have forced them to embrace treasury bills which were paid to unknown suppliers. The committee also asked the duo from the ministry about the following:

  1. $16 million dollars in loans given to contractors through the import substitution scheme that was never recovered.
  2. 9 vehicles supplied by Sakunda to the ministry whose registration books were missing
  3. $1 million worth of vehicles from Solution Motors that were not yet received since December 2017.
  4. Why 36 tractors, 30 vehicles and 300 motorbikes received through a grant from China were not registered in the ministry’s books

Tendai Biti who is part of the committee when he was commending about the issue said:

How do you pay, 1.3 Billion and 1.4 Billion to a ministry that doesnt know anything about it…US $3 Billion and no documentation in less than a year and the national budget is $4 Billion.

Command Agriculture since its inception was President Mnangagwa’s brainchild.


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Command Agriculture

The Targeted Command Agriculture is a Zimbabwean agricultural scheme aimed at ensuring food self-sufficiency that was introduced at the start of the 2016 - 2017 farming season following the drought of the previous season. The scheme was introduced as Zimbabwe struggled with economic problems. It... Read More About Command Agriculture

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4 comments on “Parliament Angered By $3 Billion Swallowed By Command Agriculture Between 2017 And 2018

  1. Are they really angered by $3 billion? They failed to question about the disappearance of $15 billion.We have a sick government.They are fooling poor people who put them into power.

  2. Typical of Zim government again no one to account for such substantial amount of money that can not be traced. No arrest would be made like the $15 billion that disappeared under Mugabes watch. No accountability when the country is in desparete need of money but all that money is diverted to personal use by some politicians……

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