LISTEN: A Purported Audio Of First Lady Castigating A Security Aide Has Surfaced

Former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo posted an audio of an apparent phone call between what is claimed to be the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and one Colonel Samson Murombo in which she accuses him of spying on her and of trying to get to President Emmerson Mnangagwa through her.

Commenting on the audio, Moyo wrote:

Herewith a shocking audio of Auxillia Mnangagwa in an unprecedented rant by a first lady in which she makes shocking allegations of Army spying against her & reveals startling fears of what she says is a loading coup against her husband.

Please note: There has been no independent verification of the authenticity of the audio and no authority in government has yet commented on it.

Listen to the audio on SoundCloud where it was originally posted.


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One Comment on “LISTEN: A Purported Audio Of First Lady Castigating A Security Aide Has Surfaced

  1. ugly man why are you spying on me?kkkk.its politics,no wonder why when a leader is dislodged from the zenith of leadership they make it a point to pulverize all sons.ironically,they do not touch on the other gender.women.its a universal law women are not a threat to anything no wonder baboons and all other animals in general do not prevaricate in the midst of a woman.even during the liberation struggle ian smith was never bothered about the presence of wives of so called guerillas in rhodesia.they continued with their lives unbridled.this new development by these ugly men as purported by amai munangagwa is gobsmacking.kkkk,its no joke when a woman cries hysterically like that for her life to be spared by these ugly men, least,amai you are feeling the heat a lot of zimbabweans are subjected to by these ugly men.they are ugly and callous.kkkkkk

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