Former Rhumba Star Peter Tangwena Struggling. Fellow Musicians Call For Help

Former Rhumba star Peter Tangwena has hit hard times and needs help. Zimdancehall music producer, Rodger Kadzimwe, stage name Levelz, met Tangwena at Mereki in Harare and posted a picture of him on Facebook decrying his situation. Tangwena is now selling CDs at Mereki.

The Daily News reports that Levelz has committed to help the musician find his success again.

“I grew up watching him on television and I believe something should be done to ensure our legends get a soft landing whenever they leave music.

My heart bled seeing him and I feel something should be done to ensure he gets back to his feet.

I believe he still has a lot to offer and can be assisted to record if he still wants.

We can all come together and help him back on his feet

Below, one of Tangwena’s music videos:

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One Comment on “Former Rhumba Star Peter Tangwena Struggling. Fellow Musicians Call For Help

  1. tangwenas situation is testament to the ruinous nature of zanu pf.its a fact.the glaring truth is zimbabwe is now commodified by a clique.moreso,the most painful truth is a poor person is devil.if ninety five percent is poor,how is zanu ruling then ?they say it is impossible to govern poor and hungry pso much eople?this is a godly dictate,thus zimbabwe then is a devil incarnate banana is reeling under the bane of gods wrath.for this reason,if zimbabweans earnestly repent surely god will intervene and remove the darkness blighting their their sight

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