13 Activities To Do In Nyanga, Zimbabwe

So after a few rough months, we all wish for a blissful break, right? Well, Nyanga in the Eastern Highlands is a total rest haven for weary( if you call yourself that) and any holiday marker in search of holiday bliss.

I have often trivialised Nyanga because I thought it has little to offer until I went there. If I was monied I would visit Nyanga every quarter and get to enjoy any or all of the following activities

1. A visit to Nyangombe Falls.
So this small little place is such a spectacular sight. You can get close to the falls and get yourself snapped with the blissful falls in your background.

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The Nyangombe falls offers a very interesting and pleasant view to anyone who wants to be in the belly of nature. The descent to get to the falls is easy, the ascent now needs a bit of strength coz it can be steep( depending on your fitness level or your definition of steep). Did I mention that you can also swim at the Nyangombe Pool???

2. World View.
A great place for scenic views of places around Nyanga. You can even put on your hiking gear and get to the top of the mountain that is at this place where you will see breathtaking views of the Nyanga area.

Thou shall never marginalize the power of these scenic views. Words or photos can never describe this place

3. Nyangani Mountain Hike
So fitness fanatic holidaymakers can get the best of both worlds on this one. Great time on holiday and a worthy fitness challenge.

To be on top of the mountain one has to go through the steep ascent( again depends on your fitness levels and your definition of steep).

Nyangani Mountain is the highest point in the country. Being at its peak will also give you bragging rights on social media saying I have been to the highest point of the highest mountain on these lands. Cool right?

3. Nyangwe Forts.
Right in the middle of the Nyanga National Park is the 400-year-old stone ruins. Tip: ruins love cameras!!!

4. Pungwe Falls.
One of the many falls you will get to see in Nyanga. Pungwe Gorge also offers memorable scenery that can also make your photo collection sparkle.

5. Mutarazi Falls.
One of the most beautiful parts of a Nyanga getaway. Mtarazi falls is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe. Last time I checked it was also the second-highest in Africa.

The waterfall also affords people an opportunity to see Honde Valley from the watchpoint where the falls can be viewed from. 2 birds one small stone

6. Zipline.
Now for adrenaline junkies, Nyanga doesn’t discriminate. You can get harnesses and dangle right in the middle of your mountainous escape.

7. Skywalk.
My slay queen cousin only wants to go to Nyanga for this so that she can take cool photos and splash them all over social media.

Walking in the sky must indeed be a spectacular experience that should be shared with everyone. Skywalk affords a holidaymaker an opportunity to test their fear of heights by walking on a dangling bridge 500 meters off the ground.

If you are afraid of heights you should keep off this tantalizing adrenaline-raising activity

8. Trout Hatchery
For the love of fish compels us right? Still, In Nyanga National Park you can visit and watch trout fish hatcheries. You can get a closer peek at the source of game fish within the park.

9. The Rhodes Museum
Still, in the Nyanga National Park, you can visit the Rhodes Museum right at the Rhodes Hotel. Well, who wouldn’t want to visit a museum and learn about how people used to do things?? Not me I guess.

10. Nyamuzihwa Falls
I think in Nyanga you are spoilt for choice when it comes to these falls. Here is another falls option you can watch on your way to Inyangani Mountain.

Meaning a savvy holidaymaker may opt for these falls as they offer convenience to someone who wants to see falls, see many things in the Nyanga National Park and proceed to Nyangani Mountain. Nyanga’s got it all apparently.

11. Town Visit
Interacting with local people is important( is there was such a word).  It gives you the feel of the place and tells you more about the people in that area. It can even help you learn a new dialect and broaden your vocabulary.

But greatest of all, the locals are the ones that know their place well. Talking to them, visiting their town will get you free advice, free education and free holiday experience.

12. Game Viewing
What’s the point of visiting a national park if you don’t see some totems!!! Animals housed in the Nyanga national parks can be seen/watched by anyone.

13. Fishing, Yachting, Boating Canoeing
The activities that best describes an African holiday are also found in Nyanga at the Nyanga National Park to be precise.

After a whole full Nyanga adventure, you can relax and go fishing canoeing or boating or yachting depending on your budget or preferences.

Let us not forget that you can also find accommodation within the park. The Nyanga Rhodes Hotel.

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