Obert Mpofu Threatens ZANU PF Youth League Over Corruption List

ZANU PF secretary for administration, Obert Mpofu, reportedly threatened the party youth league  over the list of alleged corrupt party, government and business bigwigs who were involved in underhand dealings which worked to sabotage president Mnangagwa’s efforts to revive the economy.

News Day reports that Mpofu allegedly issued threats and warned the youths to respect party processes and procedures saying that their presser where they named and shamed corrupt individuals was uncalled for. An anonymous source to the News Day said:

He tried to threaten the youth league. He was angry and even issued threats, but he later retreated because he only had the support of two other politburo members while the rest could not speak out or supported (deputy youth secretary Lewis) Matutu and team.

The publication further reports that there were politburo members who also castigated the youth league for violating party procedures. However, Matutu is reported to have stood his ground telling the politburo that there was no procedure and process in fighting corruption and that it would not have made sense for him to bring the matter to Mpofu.

The politburo later agreed have the matter investigated, but the youth league rejected the suggestion demanding independent investigators. They argued that they wanted to name and shame more corrupt people so they were not eligible to investigate the allegations.

President Mnangagwa reportedly agreed to set up an independent commission composed of reputable individuals who have no links to the party.

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One Comment on “Obert Mpofu Threatens ZANU PF Youth League Over Corruption List

  1. Mpofu’s anger proves his guilt. Guilty people always express anger when either they are found out or when impending investigations could find them out.

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