ZESA Implements Stage 2 Load Shedding, Longer Power Cuts For Households

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transition and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has announced that it is implementing the Stage 2 load shedding schedule.

The move has been necessitated by a technical fault at the power utility’s main thermal power plant, Hwange Power Station. Said ZETDC in a statement:

Due to a technical fault at Hwange Power Station, local generation is now depressed, and load shedding is now being implemented at Stage 2.

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Customers will be advised on restoration progress. Load shedding is now being implemented outside the published schedule.

This, in other words, means that areas which normally experienced eight-hour power cuts will now go for about 16 to 17 hours without power.



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3 comments on “ZESA Implements Stage 2 Load Shedding, Longer Power Cuts For Households

  1. We already were experiencing more than 8hrs. From 6am to 11pm , was that 8 hrs. Today 4.10 am , truly this is no longer load shedding.

  2. Face facts this is due to no maintenance. Stupid decisions to realease too much water from Kariba dam. And theft of funds from your coffers. Are the top government officials facing the same electricity cuts as the rest of us. Face facts the country is close to a complete shut down lets all prepare ourselves for worse to come.

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