Note To Our Community: The New Pindula News – Mobile Only & Faster

We’ve just rolled out a new design of Pindula News. It is the first part of a few major changes we’ll be making in the coming weeks.

We’re pretty excited about it because we think it is a significant improvement to the site and that you’re going to love it.

What has changed?

Faster and lighter

This is the biggest change and we hope you can feel it already.  We have drastically reduced the size of the pages on the site. This way, the site loads much faster, and even more importantly, it uses less mobile data.

This also means that even on networks that are not very fast (Edge, 3G) you can still view the content on our site.

We have done this by doing some things inhouse and trimming down the fat as much as we can.

We will continue optimising the site so that it’s even faster.

If you run your own news site and are interested to use some of the tools we have created, you can get in touch with us and we’ll share them. We’re keen to share them because there should be more websites that are fast out there, and consumers of news content should enjoy using the internet.


Mobile Only

Pindula News is now made for mobile phones. This is because more than 75% of our visitors are on mobile phones.

This does not mean that people on laptops/desktops are not able to view the site. They are, they are just really getting the same version of the site that mobile visitors see. In the past, we had about 3 versions of the site. Again, this is about making everything simpler for everyone.


Fewer Adverts

As internet publishers, it’s easy to do some things that are not in the interest of the reader. Whether that’s misleading headlines or pumping a website so full of adverts that the reader struggles to read the content that brought them there.

One area we were not doing so well was the issue of adverts. We have taken a decision to reduce the number of adverts significantly so that you can focus on reading the content.

You will however still see some adverts and we have tried to place them well enough that they don’t get in your way if you’re not interested in whatever is being advertised. We did that to create a good balance between adverts that are annoying and no adverts at all. Our business model currently, depends on advertising revenue.

As usual, no pop-up and pop-under adverts or redirects.


The Logo & Colors

We’re introducing a new simpler logo. We felt the old logo wasn’t simple enough and that the colors were on the dull side. We changed from green to a blue and a logo that’s straight to the point and simpler which is what our existence is about.

Pindula makes information easier to consume. We want our readers to feel they can rely on us for the simple facts about things – historical and current.



Our guiding principle in the way we do things is to do stuff that we would, ourselves, love. It makes it easier to focus on the community and not do stuff that annoys them.

That said, we’re learning every day and we love your feedback and suggestions on stuff. Please get in touch on hello@pindula.com with these, or to just say hi, and we will certainly respond.


Limbikani Makani
Head of Pindula

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