WATCH: Mourners Of Vimbai Tsvangirai Jeer Speaker Of Parliament, Chamisa Comes To His Rescue

The speaker of Parliament, advocate Jacob Mudenda and MDC leader Thokozani Khuphe were jeered by mourners of Vimbai Tsvangirai Java at the City Sports centre and were rescued by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa. In a short NewZimbabwe video below, it appears as if Mudenda was being heckled for saying the name of president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Chamisa said that disrespecting the speaker of Parliament and ThokozaniKhuphe is tantamount to disrespecting him also.

Jacob MudendaVimbai TsvangiraiNelson Chamisa

Jacob Francis Mudenda is a Zimbabwean politician who is a member of the Zanu-PF party. He was elected to be the Speaker of Parliament after the 31st July 2013 elections in which his party, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) led by... Read More About Jacob Mudenda

Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java was a religious leader, politician and a Movement for Democratic Change member. She was the daughter of the also late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. She died on 10 June 2019. She had been seriously injured in a car accident the previous month (May).... Read More About Vimbai Tsvangirai

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician and current president of the Movement for Democratic Change. He was elected presdient at the party's congress on 25 May 2019. Chamisa is the former member of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former... Read More About Nelson Chamisa


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2 comments on “WATCH: Mourners Of Vimbai Tsvangirai Jeer Speaker Of Parliament, Chamisa Comes To His Rescue

  1. chamisa.dont play a cool guy character.mufana do you know the crocodiles that are swelling around you in the form of those zanu pf political urchins.dont dictate what people who chose you should say to your political foes.doing that is tantamount to your political demise.let the youth heckle the zanu pf does it touch you?i have a suspicion you are a political fickle?but one thing i assure you is to zanu pf guys you are their nemesis number 1.they want your body in the grave.if you are not ready for bruising african politics quit?in african politics its a dog eat dog and you must abide this axiom :once your enemy its for life.diplomacy is applied in europe not africa.take cue from my free inkling.

  2. ZANU pple have grown a disgusting politeness. why worry attending MDC or ZAPU funerals. why all this cool guy desperation? why not MDC pple mourn and bury MDC pple the way they know and prefer how. just stay away and broadcast your condolences or send them directly to the family members. come and leave by the back door if you must

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