Macheso Injured While Greeting Fans During Birthday Bash

Sungura musician, Alick Macheso of Orchestra Mberikwazo suffered a freak injury during his birthday celebration held at Jongwe corner recently.

Reports indicate that Macheso twisted his palm while greeting a fan who was walking using crutches.

Speaking after suffering the injury, Macheso expressed appreciation for the support he received from his fans. He said:

It’s a sure sign of how the fans they love their artists and music.

As an artist, you need to be loved for what you offer. For instance, if you sell bread, the world must not love you only for giving them bread but they must love you too as person anehunhu.

But let us make sure that no one gets injured whenever we have a show, or any gathering, we have kids at our shows, and they need safety.

Let’s tolerate each other at shows, the peace culture starts from us.

All injured or saddened fans must quickly report that to our security, management or any security near to you, mostly before going back home.

If you have a problem on your way to or from our shows, inform us so that there are any actions to be taken.

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