Chamisa Promises To Sack Partisan Army Generals When He Becomes President

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has warned securocrats who are partisan that they will lose their jobs once he assumes office.

He was speaking on Wednesday during a farewell rally for the late Glen View South MP, Vimbai Tsvangirai Java. Said Chamisa:

The Commander of our army is the head of the State military, not party military. That is why we want to fire some who have been abused to work for a party rather than the State.

The MDC and Zanu PF have one army, one CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) and one police (force). Some have accused us of threatening to fire them all but no, we want to fire those who are abusing the State.

If you are soldiers you should respect the will of the people, because you are not a party army or party militia, we respect the army. Isn’t we will be working with them pretty soon. So let us get to know each other better.

Zimbabwe’s generals played a pivotal role in November 2017 when they launched Operation Restore Legacy which forced the then President, Robert Mugabe to resign.

On the eve of the 2002 presidential elections, the then Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Vitalis Zvinavashe, in a veiled threat, said that the army would not submit to the then-popular opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai if he won the election.

The current ZDF commander is General Philip Valerio Sibanda.

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Central intelligence organisationOperation Restore LegacyVitalis Zvinavashe

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Operation Restore Legacy is a military operation which triggered the demise of Robert Mugabe who had been the sole leader of Zimbabwe for thirty-seven years since the country attained independence.The operation attracted a lot scrutiny, locally, regionally and Internationally.The Military claimed it was not a... Read More About Operation Restore Legacy

Vitalis Musungwa Gava Zvinavashe was a retired General who served in the Zimbabwe National Army from its inception in 1980. He was born on 27 September 1943 and died on 10 March 2009. He was declared a National hero and buried at the National Heroes... Read More About Vitalis Zvinavashe


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