Have You Been Banned On WhatsApp? Here Is Whats Going On

About 8 days ago I was in a hair salon when many people started complaining about being banned on WhatsApp. It was a new thing to me because I had never heard about such. I, however, learnt about it a few days later when people started enquiring what was going on. Turns out, There are some accounts that have been banned on WhatsApp and here is why?

You Are Using An Unsupported/Modified WhatsApp Version

If you received an in-app message that you are banned from using WhatsApp, it is because you are using an unsupported or modified version of WhatsApp and not the original WhatsApp owned by Facebook Inc.

An unsupported or modified version of WhatsApp. is any Whatsapp that was developed by third parties using the original WhatsApp. Unsupported WhatsApp versions include WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus etc. These altered versions are usually in violation of WhatsApp terms and conditions making use of any of these, a violation of original WhatsApp terms and conditions. This means if Whatsapp catches you in the act, they can ban you (your number) from using WhatsApp temporarily or permanently.

It’s risky to use these altered versions of Whatsapp as their security is not guaranteed.  Therefore if your WhatsApp was banned, quickly try and get the original WhatsApp version within the time you have been given till the ban is lifted.

How To Download The Original WhatsApp Version.

In case you want to switch to the original Whatsapp follow these few quick steps.

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. On the search bar on top, type WhatsApp
  3. The original WhatsApp will be written WhatsApp Messenger
  4. Click on Install
  5. Open the app and follow instructions to register yourself.

This, however, means you say goodbye to the altered versions of WhatsApp and all the goodness they offer or lack of them thereof.




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