It’s NOT ED Who Has Failed, It’s The ‘Greedy & Authoritarian’ System – Analyst

A United Kingdom-based constitutional law expert and political commentator, Alex Magaisa warned the Zimbabweans should be wary of the anti-ED narrative which claims that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to run the country, as the same narrative was used to overthrow Mugabe. Writes Magaisa:

The 2017 Coup narrative isolated Robert Mugabe via the facade of targeting criminals around him. The narrative presented ED and the military cabal as saviours. Desperate for change, millions were persuaded. That project has failed dismally and the similar narrative is being spun again.

In terms of this narrative, only ED is a failure. Sure, as the leader, the buck stops with him. But like Mugabe before him, ED is the head of a system. When Mugabe was isolated and ousted, that system remained. No wonder things only got worse. This time people should be wary.

The mess won’t be sorted just because one man is substituted. Some got into government with great credentials but they have completely and utterly lost it. It’s the system – which includes practices and mentalities of greed, authoritarianism and self-entitlement.

Therefore, treat with great caution the narratives being generated from within the ruling party. ED’s sympathisers present him as a victim of ambitious subordinates. His opponents within present him as the only problem and they can do better. Both are self-serving narratives.

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One Comment on “It’s NOT ED Who Has Failed, It’s The ‘Greedy & Authoritarian’ System – Analyst

  1. Its unfortunate that when an organisation is folding up or has foldedup, its the accounting officer or the man at the top who is blamed. Its realkya sorry state, a story witha bad ending, we are witnessing and which some have warned about for a very long time. Organisations fold because they would have become insensitive. Or egotistically irrelevant tom the needs of the day. This can be despite the organisation is led by a well meaning leader. Organisations also fail because they spend time fighting outsiders or enemies instead of improving their outputs or deliverables. The pandering to power and boastful stgatements by its key placed members, often make the fall bli ndening. Its not ED or RGM I would blame, its how this revolutionary party has got so rotten and removed from its electoral base and their aspirations that count. Self interests of some key persons and disbelief in fact that vanhu vanotidii has been at the center. Taking the people for granted and leaders personal interests and picking the riches of the land, has been the out doing of this once grand party. Serious schisms between greedy leaders and support base. I am really sorry over nyaya yekuisa zvimiti munzeve! The grand party is going through a squeeze.
    But people over look history. From 1789 on these fall of the mighty have been repeating selves. Perhaps, its a sabbatical and introspection that is needed. The party may reemerge under new meaningful well focused and youthful leadership. But, the new hands while these go on a sabbatical need remember he lessons pressing today. Complavencyv puts an organisation into a squeeze.

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