ZESA To Get Free Electricity From Mozambique

Zimbabwe and Zambia are set to receive 500MW electricity from Mozambique if they can reach a deal with the East African country.

The deal could be spurred by Mozambique’s need to reduce water inflows into Cahora Bassa Hydro-Electric Dam, which is the country’s largest, most efficient and main source of hydroelectric power supply.

The dam is overflowing due to Cyclone Idai-induced rainfall, and further inflows from the Zambezi River which is being swelled by the release of water for power generation at Kariba will make the situation dire in Mozambique.

As a result, officials from Zimbabwe and Zambia’ power utilities, ZESA and ZESCO respectively, will accompany Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) officials to Mozambique to negotiate a deal.

ZRA manages the affairs of Lake Kariba and Zambezi River on behalf of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Responding to Energy Minister Fortune Chasi and ZESA officials in a recent meeting, ZRA chief executive Munyaradzi Munodawafa had this to say:

We should be going to discuss that issue, we should be going with ZESA, ZESCO and their transmission people so that we sit together and agree how much Hydro Cahora Bassa (HCB) can give out without requesting for money and without also the transmission requesting for wheeling charges and all that.

So if we agree on that then there will be a little bit of some mitigation.

They can give maybe 500 megawatts, which can be shared between the two utilities, that is why we want to go and do, we have already in principle agreed with the two utilities, we talked to ZPC and ZESCO and they said go ahead.

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Munyaradzi Kufakunesu Munodawafa is a Zimbabwean musician. He is well known for the song Shandisa Chipo Chako which made him a household name. Read More About Munyaradzi Munodawafa

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