Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing

1. What is digital advertising and digital marketing

Its advertising or marketing your products or services on digital platforms like social media sites, blogs, frequently visited websites and or online media platforms, online newspapers, etc.

2. Why must Companies advertise digitally?

It will be interesting to note that research by a social think tank revealed that people now spend about 2 and a half hours on social media on a daily basis. The potential customer is always online nowadays. Statistics show that 64% of people say they’ve been influenced to buy something by watching a video online. 52% of buying decisions can be traced back to Facebook in most brands that advertise on that platform. There is nowhere you can find a group of people bundled together nowadays except online.

3. How does digital advertising work?

The fulcrum of digital advertising is popularity. Trusted brands like Facebook, YouTube, Google, often have high traffic or huge numbers of people visiting their sites. They then sell advertising space to companies that need to reach those people via their adverts. that’s why you always see an ad in the middle of a video or in your feed when you are just scrolling or some websites you visit. If Google uses your website or uses any other websites that’s not theirs to advertise and people click on those ads, Google will then pay the owner of the website for being the medium used to advertise.

4. What are the advantages of digital advertising?

  1. it’s affordable, you can have a small 2 figure budget and be rest assured that you will reach many people.
  2. It’s scalable
  3. It’s easy
  4. It’s targeted and specific – you can target a certain demographic or a specific country
  5. It works faster
  6. It works for both small and big businesses

5. Digital Advertising Vs Traditional means of advertising

A case study on the Awards season in America saw a sharp drop in the viewership and the Olympics last year which were now available on pay TV, Cable TV and online streaming services still saw a sharp 7% drop. Now imagine how an advertiser that paid $2 Million for a 30-second slot during the awards in America felt after there was such a huge drop in viewership? Let’s come closer home, where there was a supposed belief that Netflix was taking over DSTV. How many people watch ZTV and read billboards and accept fliers and brochures?

There has been a huge migration from traditional advertising to digital platforms advertising in the whole world. While it’s important to maintain traditional advertising, the time to migrate is now. As most customers are now online.

6. What are the types of digital advertising?

  1. Social Media Advertising – where you advertise on social media via your page or via another company’s page and you boost it so that it reaches more people.
  2. Search Engine Advertising – this is when Google suggests your page when someone is looking for something. Have you ever opened a blank google and type something and there are prompt suggestions? Well, you can do that for your products.
  3. Display adverts – these are the adverts that show on websites we open some follow us to every page we open and some just pop-up when you are just browsing.
  4. Email advertising- we have seen many advertising emails advertising goods and services.
  5. Sponsored articles – also called content marketing when people with high traffic websites talk about your goods and services in a tone that their readers are accustomed to.

7. How can I do digital advertising in Zimbabwe

You can come to Pindula and tell you about the display spaces we have, our social media advertising rates, our email reach, our content advertising rates, and our statistics and we can even negotiate with our friends Techzim to offer you a similar package.

Send an email to and we can start your digital campaign today.



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