89 Register To Set Community Bakeries As Govt Takes On Big Bakeries

A Cabinet Minister has revealed that a total of 89 individuals have registered to revive or set up new small community bakeries around the country. Setting up small community bakeries is believed to be a strategy to stabilise prices.

Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Minister Dr. Sithembiso Nyoni said Government has received positive responses from individuals aspiring to be players in the bread industry. In an interview, Dr. Nyoni said:

So far 89 people have registered for the programme and we think there will be more. This is a free market and as many people should come forward. Everybody is free to participate. I know every town used to have a bakery but now you will see that a Nkayi resident will wait for bread to come from Bulawayo. The same goes for someone in Tsholotsho, waiting for bread to come from Bulawayo.

Dr. Nyoni also said that the government was willing to support every sector that produces products locally.

The government is accusing three major bakeries, Lobel’s, Proton and Bakers Inn for “unreasonably” increasing prices for products such as bread.



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