ZESA Disowns “Fake” Load Shedding Schedule

The Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of ZESA, has disowned a load shedding schedule circulating on social media purportedly issued by the power utility. In a statement, ZETDC said:

Kindly disregard that schedule. It is all fake. Load Curtailment is only for instances where Demand exceeds Supply which is something we are not hopeful towards however we agree that there is a need to set a schedule on how the curtailment will be effected.

The ZETD statement came in response to a comment by one Beatrice Tonhodzayi who had said:

Load shedding is back! We are being switched off daily now. After fuel queue; u get home to a dark city. Veduwe kutaundi kunongoda magetsi. ZETDC may we have a fair schedule; not having one area not having power daily while some have.

…. there is a statement to that effect. May we have a schedule which shows the fair distribution of the available power and which allows users to plan?

I am against this practice were certain areas are switched off daily while some never get switched off. Let us be fair and open.


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One Comment on “ZESA Disowns “Fake” Load Shedding Schedule

  1. A very clear message to the nation is very critical or else electricity is a service provided not in good faith by the service provider….

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