NetOne Announces Revised OneFusion Bundles

State-owned mobile network operator (MNO) NetOne has announced new charges for its OneFusion bundles effective 25 April 2019.

  1. One Fusion Lite costs $10 and will have: 15 Onnet Minutes, 5 Offnet Minutes, 0 Internationa minutes, 180 Data Bundle (MB). 90 WhatsApp (MB), and 5 SMS.
  2. OneFusion Gold will cost $20 and will have: 25 Onnet Minutes, 10 Offnet Minutes, 0 International Minutes, 400 Data Bundle (MB), 160 WhatsApp (MB), and 25 SMS.
  3. One Fusion Premium will cost $50 and will have: 80 Onnet Minutes, 60 Offnet Minutes, 5 International Minutes, 1 000 Data Bundle (MB), 360 WhatsApp (MB), and 30 SMS.



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One Comment on “NetOne Announces Revised OneFusion Bundles

  1. The charges are hiked and the benefits are reduced. This translates to tariff hike of more that 2000%. Watch the business nose dive!

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