Crippling Power Cuts To Start – Report

After nearly 4 years of no power cuts, ZESA is set to start load-shedding as water levels at Kariba Dam drops the Business Times reports. ZETDC reportedly sent a load-shedding application to the government and the government has approved that the power utility can start load-shedding. This exercise will see households and businesses going for hours without power per day.

The situation has also been escalated by the low coal output at Hwange which is the country’s biggest plant that’s fired by coal. ZESA is reportedly also battling machinery problems at their stations as most of their machines have aged and needs replacement.

Power cuts were last seen in 2015 and they are set to return this year as a number of factors affect the production of electricity within the country.

More: Business Times


Kariba is a town located in the Zambezi Valley Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. Kariba town offers accommodation for tourists who visit the Kariba dam. The town also houses the hydroelectric power station, Zimbabwe Power Company. Read More About Kariba

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority Holdings is the country's biggest power producer and regulating company. It operates under the Ministry and Energy and Power Development and it runs a number of subsidiary companies with various specialities in power regulation and communications. Read More About Zesa

Hwange is a Town located in Matabeleland North Province in Zimbabwe. Read More About Hwange

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