Opposition Lost Its Founding Values – Manyenyeni

Former Harare Mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni said Zimbabwe’s opposition has lost its founding values and now needs to deal with credibility as well as capacity issues hounding it.

Manyenyeni lamented a leadership crisis bedevilling Zimbabwe 39 years after majority rule. Posting onto Facebook using his official account, the former mayor argued:

Us in the opposition have credibility and capacity doubts to clear – having long lost our factory settings.

Manyanyeni also said that the Movement for Democratic Party needed to act like a real government-in-waiting.

He also noted that professionals and technocrats are neglecting their duty of rescuing the country from its woes. Manyenyeni said:

The professionals and technocrats are arm-chair compatriots. Those who are NEEDED to serve simply leave it to those who are in it for NEED.

National one-ness and cohesion remain elusive (and) partisan politics remains the only game in town. We are in perpetual election mode- very destructive.

Manyenyeni also said that Zimbabwe remains clueless 39 years after independence due to the leadership crisis in both the ruling and opposition parties.


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