ED Says Corruption Is Deep And Wide And Difficult To Fight

Independence day eve, on ZBC TV, President Munangagwa admitted that fighting corruption was not an easy task. He went on to use the words ‘ deep and wide’ when he was trying to explain the magnitude of corruption at various stages. According to him, there are corruption elements even in the channels that are supposed to help in uprooting corruption.

“To fight corruption, you need the police to investigate, but there are elements of corruption in the police. Once you get past the corruption in the police, the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) has to prosecute, but there are also elements of corruption in the NPA,” he said.

“Then the case must go to court and there are also elements that are corrupt in the Judiciary, so the fight is so wide and deep.”

A few days ago President Mnangagwa was also quoted saying he was alerted to corruption activities within the country by the Chinese President.

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