Mwonzora Denies Making Deal With Chamisa

MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has denied claims that he struck a deal with party president Nelson Chamisa ahead of the elective Congress set for next month.

The two appeared in a video recorded on Sunday while they jointly addressed party supporters in Manicaland province.

Speaking while standing side by side, Chamisa announced that they had agreed on maintaining the status quo. He said:

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We discussed with Mwonzora and said to each other, the food in the plate belongs to both of us, we must not fight.

(The late Morgan) Tsvangirai left me wearing (presidential post) his jacket, so let me keep wearing it for now.

We agreed because we both want to do things that build the party so we agreed that each of us keeps our posts. I said leave me as the captain while you pass the ball to me.

Amid a din of approval from party supporters, Mwonzora said that he and Chamisa had “agreed”;

Thank you president Nelson Chamisa, I have come to speak for myself in the Manyika dialect which you all understand, I want to say this as Douglas Mwonzora who comes from Manicaland.

We agreed with the president (Chamisa) that this coming congress our president will be Chamisa, we agreed again that I will try to retain my position as secretary-general of the party.

Meanwhile, Mwonzora revealed on Tuesday that he had not struck a deal with Chamisa, saying that party positions are not earned through such arrangements. He said:

We have no deal with the president. If what I said conveyed the impression of a deal, then that is not the case. There are other contestants for positions within the party, so we cannot have a deal where we share positions.

I simply told the president that under the present conditions, I will not run and that is what I told the president. For the position of secretary-general, there are three contestants.

However, Newsday sources claim that Chamisa and Mwonzora indeed struck a deal but the deal is being resisted by Chalton Hwende who has received the majority of nominations to date.

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