Responses To “The Zimbabwe Bird Is Part Of Our Problems” By Chamisa

The claim by the MDC leader Nelson Chamisa that the Zimbabwean bird is part of Zimbabwe’s problems has attracted several varying opinions.

Chamisa was responding to a post by one of his followers on twitter who had said:

The Zimbabweans’ birds must now fly Advocate Nelson Chamisa, how can we also be part of the team here in the Australian Diaspora?

In his response, Chamisa said:

That Zimbabwean bird symbol is part of our problem. We must deal with institutional idolatry.

Following are some of the responses to Chamisa’s tweet.

Nyaradzo Alan Nyoni‏ @nyoni_alanIdolatry is liking everything Chamisa or Mnangagwa posts without evaluating its substance. Idolatry is thinking your goose is cooked unless X or Y is in power. Idolatry is banking on personality instead of policy, idolatry is being a conduit instead of an introspective Zimbo.

Zvimbakupa‏ @mbizi_temboKana ndiwewo. Yadii shiri yedu iyi. This guy must decide if he wants to be a president or a pastor.

Enter his Day‏ @MannychuckyYou are correct I agree with you.Idolatry is not good we must only worship Jehovha our God and only unto him we should render sacred services!Like Josiah we must remove all these idols and altars.

nelson chamisa


That Zimbabwean bird symbol is part of our problem.We must deal with institutional idolatry.


Dambudziko mumusha ishiri yeZimbabwe.

See #ChimanimaniWeAreWithYou.’s other Tweets

Mutumwa‏ @mmawereIs it not the mind that always surrenders or defers to others to take the next step and hence the idea of leadership crops into the chain as if leaders can deliver the human promise outside the power of causation and agency endowed to each of us as individuals. Idols r pretenders

All Things Zim ‏ @ZimtweetsNope Sir. Bird not part of the problem. No-one’s worshipping that soapstone. Let’s focus.

Richard Mupingo‏ @MupingoRichardYeeeees President. So happy that someone in authority knows the contentious symbols of idolatry that have directed our worhip away from God as a nation. I dare say too that the red color on our flag symbolic of blood is troublesome. The only blood good for us is that of Jesus.

john dube‏ @NjubeIdolatry??, please explain. SA& USA also use a bird as National symbol

FatsoZ‏ @fatso4realA country is not a church


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