Head Of Sudanese Military Transitional Council Resigns

Sudan’s defense minister, Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf stepped down late Friday as the leader of a transitional military council. This came only a day after removing Omar Al Bashir from power.

He said General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Abdulrahman would succeed him as the council’s leader.

Upon his resignation, Ibn Auf said:

I, the head of the military council, announce I am giving up the post. This is for the benefit of our nation. This country has great people and a great army.

Thousands of protesters defied calls by the military to return to their homes. They gathered outside the military headquarters demanding a transition to civilian rule.

This followed an announcement by the military council immediately after toppling Omar Al Bashir that it will be taking over. The military council also said that it would be in power for 2 years on a transitional basis.


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