Man Dislocates Neck In MDC Violence

Reports suggest that Jabulani Mutunzi, Chitungwiza deputy mayor and member of the MDC-A, dislocated his neck in an intraparty violence on Saturday in Chitungwiza. Mtunzi who is believed to be a Mwonzora fan is alleged to have dislocated sustained other injuries following violence that broke out at Fungai Magadzire’s home. Magadzire is also an MDC member and Chitungwiza Ward 17 councillor. Sources say the violence left several other party activists seriously injured.

Some concerned citizens have implored responsible authorities to investigate the issue. Dewa Mavinga, a Human Rights Activist expressed concern over the matter. Speaking through his twitter account he said:

Mwonzora told Newsday day that he was aware of the violent incidents and called for the disqualification of the rogue party members. Said Mwonzora:

The violence that is taking place is extremely disconcerting.

We will disqualify the violent elements from the Congress race, but this violence has to be nipped in the bud.

These people who perpetrate violence are criminals who belong in jail.

The leaders in whose name these goons operate must publicly denounce violence, a failure which they will be held responsible for the violence and disqualified, whoever they are.



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