State Capture? How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mnangagwa’s UAE Funded Jet Trip

Following the revelation that President Mnangagwa’s UAE trip was paid for by the Crown Prince of the UAE, Zimbabweans have expressed fear that the president is exposed to state capture.

Here are some notable reactions:

There are no free lunches. What we don’t know is what Zimbabwe is offering in return.  I don’t think the crown prince can be so generous as to give out those planes and even go on to say it’s available for nothing. You know there must be a catch. I think his explanation brought more questions than answers. Zimbabweans find that quite troublesome and would like (to know about) the other part of the equation.

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I am actually not worried so much about the inconsistency between Mnangagwa and his spokesperson. I am more worried about the fact that a luxurious plane is available on demand by the president and whether Zimbabwe is mortgaging itself to the UAE. What price are we paying and what does it do to our national sovereignty?

– Eldred Masunungure


This is a problem! Why are his hosts paying? What is he offering in return? There are no freebies in this world- NONE – Chipo Dendere


A free jet comes with a lot of strings attached. Could be worse than a hired one. The point is the trips are excessive and mirrors Mugabe era. When the president travels the entourage is big and has associated costs outside the Saudi ‘free’ jet, fuel, crew fee and airport fees – 


There’s wisdom in the old saying that when you find yourself in a hole, it’s best to stop digging & get out. What you have just done there is to expose ED. A fair-minded citizen would be concerned that their president is exposed to capture. That’s because there’s no free lunch.

I don’t know if Mnangagwa is getting any advice or he simply ignores it. Does he really believe the luxury jet was free? How can there be such a naive view of international relations at that level of government? Does he not know that this constitutes a recipe for state capture? – 


That is even worse than hiring. What is in it for the Crown Prince of UAE. Has he suddenly found his long lost brother in ED. – 

Guys here are my assertions. Whilst it’s good to defend the president but remember this: If you are on a 5 year journey and you stop to chase after every barking dog you won’t reach your destination. Rovai basa comrade mosiyana nema barking dogs – Obert Luciano
I wonder why Mthuli Ncube had to come out saying the President has to use jets since Air Zim is incapacitated if it was donated. He could simply have stated that than to try and sanitize the transaction… good if donated…. – 


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One Comment on “State Capture? How Zimbabweans Reacted To Mnangagwa’s UAE Funded Jet Trip

  1. Mnangagwa is lying. Both Ncube and Charamba had consistent stories about the costs and how the expenditure was within Mnangagwa’s travel budget.

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